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All That Remains...

19 Web Granite Creek 1954.jpg

This photo ca. 1954 shows the few remaining buildings at the Granite Creek townsite.  Photo from B.C. Archives.

20 Web Log Cabin 1954.jpg

This photo of a cabin in Granite Creek was taken in 1954.  Photo from B.C. Archives.

21A Web Plaque 1962.jpg

This photo ca. 1962 shows the plaque placed to commemorate the town of Granite Creek.  The cairn was later vandalized and the plaque stolen.  The “Friends of Granite Creek” replaced the plaque years later changing the name on the plaque to “Granite City”.  This name seems to have sprung up well after the 1907 fire; the Post Office was still called Granite Creek when it closed in 1918.

21 Web Granite Creek 1970.jpg

The buildings at Granite Creek continued to deteriorate as this photo ca. 1970 illustrates.  Photo N.L. Barlee

22 Web Granite Creek ca1970.jpg

Granite Creek in 1970.  The building in the center of this photo is the last remaining, and is shown in the photo below.  Photo N.L. Barlee.

23 Web Granite Creek 2007.JPG

By 2007, almost nothing remains standing at Granite Creek.  Photo by Bob Sterne.

24 Web Cook's 2nd Store 2008.jpg

This building is deteriorating more every year.  By 2008, the second story had completely collapsed.  Photo by Bob Sterne.

25 Web Cabin & Cairn 2008.jpg

Nature, and people vandalizing the town of Granite Creek have left it in a sad state of repair.  2007 photo by Bob Sterne.

26 Web Cemetery 2007.JPG

The Granite Creek Cemetery which was also in a terrible state of repair is now being cared for by local volunteers.  2007 photo by Bob Sterne.

27 Web Cemetery 2008.jpg

Previously unmarked graves have now been marked and a map lays out the location of graves.  2008 photo by Bob Sterne.

28 Web Cook's Grave 2008.jpg

The Cook’s were a prominent family in Granite Creek, Coalmont and Princeton in the early years.  Their family plot is tenderly cared for and respected by their descendants.  2008 photo by Bob Sterne.

29 Web Campground 2007.JPG

The Granite Creek Campground is a favourite place for campers to stay when visiting the area.  2007 photo by Bob Sterne.