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Granite Creek, B.C. Cemetery Index and Map


The information below is updated as often as possible. It was current on May 20, 2017.

Granite Creek Cemetery Index

AbdullahUnknown1968, May 25I15
AbrosimoJohn Daniel1984, Aug. 29D11
AbrosimoThelma1988, July 5D10
AmundsenSeverin "Sam"1960, Oct. 8L16
BarnesBaby (female)1938, Oct. 14Unknown
BarnesCorry Anne1937, Dec. 11Unknown
BartonJohn William1932, Dec. 20F5
BartonMary1971, May 12F5b
BartonWilliam1969, Aug. 14F5a
BergerConstance Pauline (nee Pollock)2011, Dec. 7E26b
BlackwellCatholine (Catherine?)1930, April 29Unknown
BlankCharlie2000, Oct. 20G24
BlankNellie2001, Jan. 29G24a
BlellockElizabeth1925, Oct. 27Unknown
BourassauM.P.1906, Nov. 16Unknown
BryantLyddian (nee McCarthy)1898, Mar. 2C1
BuckleyMary Florence1922, Dec. 10Unknown
BuddiePet GraveA4
ChattersonJames George "Singin' Jimmy"2003, Feb. 8K25
ClotworthyAlfred John "Jack"1987A17a
ClotworthyEmily Cecilia Tarswell (nee Cook)1984, May 10A17
CookBaby (female)1910, Dec.A16a
CookEdward Henry Lumley2006, Feb. 7B16a
CookEmma Woodward1957, Aug. 13B17
CookFoxcrowle Percival1918, July 31A16
CookFrances Mary1902, Feb. 25B16
CookJean Drummond Brown Don2000, July 1B17a
CronkhiteCatherine (nee Barton)1993F5c
CronkhiteWilliam A.1999F5d
CuthbertsonEdith Estelle1964, Jan. 30F9a
CuthbertsonJames1933, Jan. 29F9
DanishJoseph1935, Jan. 23G12
DanishParaska "Pearl" (nee Boychuk)1935, Jan. 23G11
DeBarroCharles1909, July 26Unknown
ElderJohn Francis "Jack"1972, Oct. 14K18
EplettErnest1912, Aug. 6Unknown
FauldsRobert1941, June 14E31
FilmerNancy K (nee Pollock)2011E26c
ForsythAgnes1929, Dec. 25F25
FraserAlexander Hugh1938, Aug. 20K14
FraserGeorge Clark1968, Feb. 26K13
GaudenzioChierotte "Butch"1955, May 14M16
GilmoreFrank1901, Feb.Unknown
GundersonPeter1900, Sept. 23Unknown
H____ B____?(possibly another Bryant ?)C4
HagenAsbjorn Johannes1938, Feb. 14D4
HaleyEllen (nee Rhodes)1961E21a
HaleyWilliam Lewis1930, Feb. 26E21
HarrisonHilda "Betty" (nee Waterhouse)2017, Apr. 25H34
HerringtonEdwin Earl1995F2a
HerringtonJames Glen2014F1
HolmesAnne Jane (nee Hawkins)1995F14a
HolmesHugh Jackson "Hughie"1982, Dec. 16F14
HolmesLucie Clemintina (nee Laurence)1930, Sept. 14F15
HolmesMargaret S."Peggy" (nee Henderson)1935, June 23G15
HolmesWalton Hugh1940, Mar. 21F13
JamesAlice1936, July 6H16
JamesWilliam1927, Sept. 27Unknown
Jilien*Alfred1886, Dec. 27Unknown
KnudsenJoyce (nee Clotworthy)2014, Nov.A17c
LaterMarie Eda (nee Ramsay)1974, May 7G17
LongEdward Lewis1958, Oct. 28L15
LucasAmy Elizabeth (nee Rhodes)1992, Sept. 7B23
LukowAdella Doreen1930, Feb. 4Unknown
MarcotteMary (nee Faulds)1979, Aug. 27E30
MarochiDolorous1928, Aug. 28Unknown
MartensNellie Florence1939, Nov. 21H13
McBrideHattie1920, Nov. 21C30
McDonaldJoseph Paul1886, May 2Unknown
McDonaldNorman1954, Aug. 30L14
McElroyRichard Frank1928, Nov. 22Unknown
McKayJefferey Jed "Dugan"1990, July 14G25
MillitichBaby (female)1931, Jan. 5Unknown
MillitichBaby (male)1931, Jan. 5Unknown
MorrisBrenda Lynn Ann1940, Apr. 2K16
MorrisonWilliam D.1993L19
MorrisonWilliam, Pte.1992L18
MorrowC. E.1990B9
MosesWilliam1957, Mar. 21M17
MurphyMichael1935, Sept. 16H15
NelsonBaby (male)1925, June 22Unknown
NelsonMarian "May" (nee Smart)1959, Oct. 9E12
NelsonWilliam Proudfoot "Bill"1963, May 8E11
OlsenJohn W.1919, June 29Unknown
OxleySusannah Jane (nee Wilkinson)1935, July 2G6
PickthallJohn1935, Aug. 2G9
PollockGeorge Edward1968, Jan. 29E26a
PollockHarriet Alexandra1940, Nov. 23E26
PollockJohn Edward1938, Apr. 18E24
PollockMarjorie Doreen1924, June 25E23
PrudenRobert1886, May 22Unknown
RamsayEdna Eileen1930, July 9F16
RamsayLaurie Francis1955, Sept. 24G16
RamsayMarcelle Loretta2006G18a
RamsayWalton Allan "Sonny"1981, Jan. 5G18
RamsayWesley William1932, Feb. 15F17
RedmileBaby - William Frederick1937, Jan. 25G8
ReidKathleen Mary2004A17b
RESERVEDfor Heather LutzI8
RESERVEDfor Sterne FamilyG3
RESERVEDfor Sterne FamilyG4
RESERVEDfor Todd LesterI9
RhodesAgnes Olive June (nee Cook)2000, Apr. 1A23
RhodesBeverly John2007, Dec. 24A24a
RhodesCecil Stuart1978, Dec. 15B26
RhodesE.C. (Ted)2012A24b
RhodesEdward John1959, June 28A25
RhodesGeorge Henry1927, Oct. 27E22
RhodesHarriet Alexandear (nee Batty)1939, July 12E25
RhodesJames Douglas1997, Jan. 2A26
RhodesRichard E.2000A24
RiceCody Lawrence2016, May 3G34
RiceDaniel Lawrence2011, June 2G33
RiceEdward Eugene2000, Oct.F34
RiceEugene Charles1999, Nov.F32
RodyGeorge ("Poker George")1887, Feb.Unknown
RossiterEdward John1929, Feb. 16D16
RossiterJohn Basil1932, Sept. 10D15
RossiterSarah Ann1952, Dec. 9D14
SleeJohn Edward1936, Aug. 24D3
SmartJames1950, Sept. 29F12
SmartMarian1934, Aug. 10F11
SwansonWilliam "Bill" Albin2005, Feb. 02N22
SymondsEdna Laurence (nee Holmes)1985, Jan. 17G17a
ThompsonMary Jane1934, June 2D5
VallanceMabel Florence1937, Jan. 27I10
WoodfordMaryanne2014, June 6J24
WoodfordWilliam Garnet "Tiny"1993, Aug. 2J25
ZaharoffBaby (female)1922, Jan. 2Unknown

Granite Creek Cemetery Map

Row # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q
Line # Notes: B = Border (low fence, boards, rocks or concrete)
48 T C C = Collapsed (possible sunken or exhumed grave)
47 P P F = Fenced Grave or Family Plot
46 P C H = Headstone
45 P P M = Marked Grave
44 P P O = Outside Cemetery
43 T C P = Pathway T = Tree, unusable
42 P P R = Rock, unusable U = Unmarked Grave
41 P C S = Slope, unusable X = Reserved Gravesite
40 P T P P P P P P P P P P P O O O O
39 P P P P P P P P P P P P P O O O O
38 P C P T F,X F,X F,X P P   O O O
37 C P T F,X F,X F,X P P   O O O
36 P T T F,X F,X F,X P T P     O O
35 P C T F,X F,X F,X P P     O O
34 P P P T T F,H F,M F,H P P       O
33 C P P T T F,X F,M F,X T P P       O
32 T P P T F,H F,X F,H P P        
31 C P P T B,H F,X F,X F,H P T P        
30 P P F,H T B,H P P P P P P P P        
29 P P P P P P P P P P P P P        
28 P P P P P P P P P P P P P        
27 P P P P P P P P P P P P P        
26 F,H B,H M P F,H6 F,M B,X B,X P B,X P        
25 F,H   T P F,M F,H B,H B,X P B,H H T        
24 F,H2 M P F,M B,M2 B,X P B,M P P P P P
23 F,H B,H R P F,M B,M2 B,X B,X T B,X T P X T S
22 P P R P F,M B,X B,X P P T R T M S
21 P P R T F,H4 B,M P P P T T X T S
20 P B,M B,M R P P R P T P P P P T S S
19 R B,M P T B,M P P P P P H P S S,O
18 P P P P P F,X F,H2 T P B,M H T T S S,O
17 F,H4 F,H2 P B,M P F,M F,H2 P P P B,H S S,O S,O
16 F,H2 F,H2 P F,M P F,H F,H F,H T P F,H H B,H T S S,O S,O
15 P F,M P F,M P F,H F,H B,M M P T B,H T S S,O S,O S,O
14 T F,M P F,M P F,H2 F,X P F,H B,M P S S,O S,O S,O
13 T P P R X F,H F,X M P H P P S,O S,O S,O S,O
12 T B,H P T F,H F,M B,M T M P P P S S,O S,O S,O S,O
11 P B,H F,M F,M B,M P P P T S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
10 P B,M P P P P F,M T S S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
9 B,H P B,M P F,H2 F,H3 P B,X T S S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
8 P T P F,H P B,X S S S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
7 P T P T P P F,X P T S S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
6 P P P P P F,X F,H P T S S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
5 P F,H P F,H5 P P S S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
4 U B,M F,H P F,X F,X P S S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
3 P P P F,H P P F,X P S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
2 P B,M P P P P P S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O
1 P B,M B,M T B,H2 S S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O S,O

Additional Information

To view photos of the headstones in the Granite Creek Cemetery, please visit the Find a Grave Website  or the Canadian Gravemarker Website (Granite Creek).

If you require more detailed information, or have information that should be included, please contact us .

Official Status:

On June 6, 2013, the Ghost Town of Granite Creek and the Cemetery overlooking it were added to the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen Heritage Register for Area H. On September 3rd of the same year, the Granite Creek Preservaton Society was formed to collect, study and preserve the history, site and artifacts of Granite Creek. Please visit their website at